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High-speed impact dynamics is of interest in the fundamental sciences, e. When compared with experiments or numerical simulations, analytical approaches in impact mechanics only seldom yield useful results. However, when successful, analytical approaches allow us to determine general laws that are not only important in themselves but also serve as benchmarks for subsequent numerical simulations and experiments.

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Chaotic synchronization of vibrations of a coupled mechanical system consisting of a plate and beams. Awrejcewicz I ; A. Krysko II ; T.

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He received his M. He has authored about papers and three books on Impact Dynamics, Aeromechanics, and Operations Research. He completed his M.

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All prices exclusive of carriage charges. Prices and other details are subject to change without notice. All errors and omissions excepted. Ben-Dor, A.

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Solid is one of the four fundamental states of matter the others being liquidgasand plasma. In solids, particles are closely packed. It is characterized by structural rigidity and resistance to changes of shape or volume.

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The scope of this international, scholarly journal is aimed at rapid dissemination of new ideas and techniques and to provide a common forum for significant research and new developments in areas of Mechanical Engineering. Accepted papers will be available online followed by printed in hard copy. The manuscripts should be in MS-word format and submitted to the journal online through journal's homepage.

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The present study is based on experimental investigation and numerical simulation of impact of different nose shape projectiles on thin polycarbonate plates. Rigid hardened projectiles of two different geometries Blunt and Truncated cone keeping the same shank diameter and total mass were prepared. Impact and residual velocities were measured before and after perforation, respectively.

A railgun is a device that uses electromagnetic force to launch high velocity projectiles, by means of a sliding armature that is accelerated along a pair of conductive rails. The railgun uses a pair of parallel conductors—rails—along which a sliding armature is accelerated by the electromagnetic effects of a current that flows down one rail, into the armature and then back along the other rail. It is based on principles similar to those of the homopolar motor.


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