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Sesetengah ahli komuniti mungkin mempunyai lencana yang menunjukkan identiti atau tahap penyertaan mereka dalam komuniti. Tahap ahli menunjukkan tahap penyertaan pengguna dalam forum. Tahap semakin meningkat dengan penyertaan yang lebih kerap.

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Internet Explorer is no longer just the browser you use to download other browsers even though, for many people, that will always remain the case. You can read a bit about them, and then launch the site you want in a new window. Rethink is about where the Web has come from and where it can go with a modern browser like Internet Explorer.

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There are plenty of people who love to hate Microsoft Internet Explorer. The browser has been steadily losing marketshare to the likes of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox in recent years. Microsoft is well aware of the strength of anti-Internet Explorer feeling out there, and has just released a rather fun videostarring someone who clearly loathes Internet Explorer with a passion:.

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I am so tired of all these upgrades to find that in the beginning of all of them they crash, like crazy. As a result, I had to close the browser immediately; and, therefore, I lost the ability to go up to that Tool button and scroll down to the "Reopen Last Browsing Session. I am so pissed that after all these years, not one browser system: Chrome, Firefox, Netscape or IE has made any real strides in improving the ability for someone to return to their browser history and open up their last browser session exactly as it was when it was closed, even if it was not the last time the browser was opened due to a crash or something else unforeseen.

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This study is from August, but I missed it. There were only 7 days in without an unpatched publicly disclosed security hole. There were 56 days with an unpatched publicly disclosed security hole.

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Firstly IE sucks for several reasons. My biggest gripe is the lack of CSS or style specification adherance, meaning different visual behaviours across browers for some sites including this one. My solution — get Firefox.

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Microsoft Internet Explorer has an awful reputation. Older versions of the browser were slow, would mangle Web pages and attracted malware like mosquitoes to bare skin. IE 9 is the current version and is faster and safer, but Microsoft is already hyping up the next version of Internet Explorer.

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Microsoft has made great strides over these past few months. However, I believe the people in Redmond took many of those strides in the wrong direction. I use only a handful of IE-specific workarounds, and those in no way explain why Internet Explorer 8 randomly decides to conceal parts of the left column on our front page.

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Yes, you heard that right. Microsoft is bashing its own browser in an online video advertisement. But really, Microsoft is bashing IE trolls, painting a picture of them as mean spirited pathetic hate mongers clinging to an old stereotype of IE.

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The menu bar is just disabled, not entirely gone. Right click on an empty area and I was able to restore the menu bar. However, it only appeared below the row where it contains the back and forward buttons. There's no way to make it appear on top.


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