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Below is some of the tips and quick Asian eye makeup tutorial for Asian girls or for girls who have small eyes. Asian celebrities have proved that with the right makeup small eyes could also look amazing. Asian girls with mono-lid or thick eyelid should avoid some of eye makeup that will make their Asian eyes appear smaller.

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Asian women are spoken of as beautiful beings all over the world. And the Asian look is something people definitely work hard to get. The beautiful hair, lovely skin and the almost perfect body structure is something everyone craves for.

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Wardrobe Styling by Ye Young Kim. Art Direction by Nicole Argento. Manicure by Yukie Miyakawa.

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Times are a-changing I guess. I get it. No one likes a squint.

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Whether we're 'growing' our locks with hair extensions or faking a slimmer face with contouring, using make-up and beauty products to enhance our natural features has been going on for hundreds of years. Of course, many of us know how to put on make-up but true make-up mastery is all about creating an illusion. From simple contouring, to the more outrageous Insta-worthy overhauls, make-up can work wonders.

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When we talk about Asian eyes, we talk about slantedness, roundness, smooth monolids and deep eyelid folds. To talk about Asian eyes is to have a unique lexicon. And these stereotypes persist today.

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As you must have read in my last post about crease and contour eyeshadow differences between Asians and Caucasianstypical eye type charts and tutorials that conveniently lump all types of Asian eyes into one simply do not work. There are specific makeup techniques for Asians. I will share in this post how to apply makeup on the different types of Asian eyes.

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Everyone knows the struggle of putting on false lashes. But if you have small eyes, it goes beyond just trying to get them to land correctly on your lash line. When you have tiny eyes, most false lashes are way too big, so you spend ten minutes cutting and recutting the lash strip until it fits your eye.

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The epicanthic is the skin fold of the upper eyelidcovering the inner corner medial canthus of the eye. Various factors influence whether epicanthic folds form, including ancestry, age, and certain medical conditions. Epicanthic folds also occur, at a considerably lower frequency, in other populations: Europeans e.

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A big shout-out to all our Asian beauty lovers out there—believe me when I say I understand how hard it is to find the perfect makeup looks. Want smokey eyes, Korean-style makeup, and bigger and brighter eyes? The diversity of Asian eye shapes call for many kinds of Asian eye makeup tutorials! Check out the gorgeous looks below.


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